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miniOrganics is an Australian  company that makes certified organic products for both mom and baby.  Their motto is “our children deserve nothing less”.  All of their products are free from genetically-modified ingredients, pesticide residues, petrochemicals, sulphates and parabens – all of the bad stuff that moms (and dads) worry about exposing their new babies to.

For review I was sent the Gentle Baby Wash, Nourishing Body Oil and Soothing Nipple Balm.  I have used the Gentle Baby Wash on my daughter a few times and just love it.  You don’t need to use very much to get the baby clean, and it’s good for the whole body, hair included.  I love the smell of it; very light and fresh.  That fresh smell is likely from the aloe vera leaf juice and chamomile oil (both are certified organic raw materials) and the orange sweet oil in the wash.  I’m actually keeping the rest of the bottle for the baby that is due next month because I think it will be perfect for a newborn with delicate skin!

The Nourishing Body Oil has quickly become a part of my daily routine.  The oil comes in a convenient pump, so it’s easy to apply, and it soaks in to your skin quickly.  I haven’t had any problems with oily residue on my clothes, which is always a concern when using a product like this!  There is a light scent, which to me smells like chamomile, and the product is 96% Certified Organic so I feel safe using it while pregnant.  Since I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, I can’t say that it’s helping my existing stretch marks but it’s certainly not hurting anything, and in these dry winter months I can use all the help I can get!  I’ve even started using it as a full-body moisturizer when I get out of the shower and my skin has never looked better.

The last product that I was sent is the Soothing Nipple Balm.  Apparently you can use it in the later stages of pregnancy to help “tone and prepare nipples for the demands of breastfeeding”.  I have used other nipple creams in the past when I was nursing my daughter and I didn’t care for the consistency – one I couldn’t even squeeze out of the tube.  miniOrganics’ Soothing Nipple Balm is silky and yes, soothing.  The little pot makes it easy to get out just as much as you want without waste and a little goes a long way!  Being 95% Organic, I’m much more comfortable using this when I have a new baby than I was with my old products and I’m sure it will be put to the test in about a month.

miniOrganics has a full line of products for infants, including a moisturizer, sunscreen and diaper balm, plus more!  You can purchase miniOrganics online here.

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