aden + anais – Baby Shower Event review

aden + anais is a company that was started, like many successful companies, by a mom who couldn’t find what she was looking for and took matters into her own hands.  Raegan Moya-Jones moved from Australia to the United States and when she had her babies, she couldn’t find the type of swaddling blankets that had been available to her back home – something large and lightweight, stretchy and functional for more than just swaddling.   Now aden + anais is one of those brands that moms share with other moms because it’s a product that works!

For review, I was sent a copy of the beautiful new book Swaddle Love, written by Raegan Moya-Jones.  It’s filled with pictures of beautiful babies peacefully swaddled, as well as two different methods of swaddling and tricks and tips that any mom, new or otherwise, can appreciate.  I particularly enjoyed all of the reasons why swaddling works so well!

I also received one of aden + anais’ signature swaddle blankets in the “snuggle bug” print.  I love how large these blankets are – they measure 47″ x 47″ so they’ll last longer than a month – and the print is adorable.  We had to swaddle our daughter until she was 5 months old and it was so hard to find a blanket that was big enough to do it; had I known how large aden + anais’ swaddle blankets were I would have stocked up!  It’s great that each package has illustrated instructions for how to swaddle too, in case you don’t know how or have just forgotten.  My husband is the expert swaddler in our family and we’re both looking forward to putting this blanket to the test in the next few weeks when the new baby arrives.

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  1. Kelly C
    February 22, 2011 at 7:01 PM (7 years ago)

    Another fan of the aden and anais swadler blanket!I love how they are super big!


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