An expectant mommy’s new best friend

Even though there are new studies that claim small amounts of alcohol are safe during pregnancy, I’m not comfortable taking that risk – mostly because I’m a lightweight and after 31 weeks of not drinking, I imagine my teeny bit of tolerance has totally disappeared.  That doesn’t mean I don’t miss having a glass of wine with dinner or while watching a bit of television though!

I’ve tried the carbonated “wine substitutes” and I don’t care for most of them.  Imagine my surprise when I was at the grocery store the other week and I stumbled upon Carl Jung’s dealcoholized wine in the beverage aisle!  I bought a bottle and from what I remember, it’s a darn good substitute for the real deal.  Because it’s made the same way as wine is, but the alcohol is taken out (please don’t ask me how, maybe it’s magic?) you still get the taste of wine but without the consequence.

I wish I’d known about this earlier!  Apparently there are other brands that also offer dealcoholized wine, so keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in the grocery store and let me know if you find a good brand :)

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