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Sometimes I miss Alberta

We haven’t lived in Northern Alberta for about a year and a half now, and while I love living in a city and in the same time zone and province as most of our family, I sure do miss our first home together sometimes.  Small town living isn’t for me long-term, but it was a great place for us to start our lives together and it had some really pretty parts, like this. Read more […]


These are from a trip that we took to Banff, AB in August of 2008.

The upside of toddlers

Toddlers get a bad rap, but there are definitely more than a few good points to having your baby grow up!  In no particular order, some of my favourite things about this stage. Toddlers have a sense of humour.  They’re funny and silly, sometimes even on purpose! They learn something new every day – although sometimes it’s how to unroll the toilet paper. They’re getting old enough to entertain themselves for small periods of time – enough for me to check my email most mornings at least. “On Read more […]

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