Lost dog in St John, New Brunswick

My good friend’s dog got away from her on Thursday night, and they still can’t find her.  Please, if you are in the St John area, keep your eyes open for a black/tan brindle pit bull in the uptown area, who is very friendly but shy, with no tags or collar (the pup got spooked before my friend got them on her). She answers to Gaia and is such a sweet dog, she’s not at all what you think of when you think “pit bull”.

If you see Gaia, please call the Animal Rescue League at (506) 633-1228!  They miss her so much and are so worried. Animal control, the police, and radio stations have all been alerted that she’s missing and there have been lots of friends and family looking for Gaia but she’s either a very good hider or (hopefully) someone has found her and is trying to find her owner. We all appreciate your help!

UPDATE: Gaia has been found!  Her family is so relieved and happy :)

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