October 19th 2010 archive

Wordless Wednesday – Fall in Ottawa

I really missed the bright colours of fall when we lived in northern Alberta.  Here in Ottawa the trees are turning beautiful, vibrant shades of red and orange, there’s a nip in the air but the sun is still shining.  I love being back!

Pasta fun, take #2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the pasta fun that Ashlyn had on a rainy day.  Dry pasta is a great way to let your toddler play and dig without making a mess….unless they dump the entire tray on the floor.  Oops. We had some rain again and I thought it would be fun to bring out the pasta again.  This time I wised up a bit and started on the floor, with a large blanket.  This worked so much better!  Ashlyn still had a great time, and a mess was still made (and some pasta was eaten, Read more […]