Rainy day

Fall has definitely hit Ottawa!  It’s gone from 30 degrees to a much more comfortable 15 degrees (or less), and I’m in the process of taking advantage of a rainy day.  I need to get our fall clothes out and put away the summer stuff…and in the case of my daughter, pack away all of the clothes she’s outgrown *sniff*

Then there are clean clothes to fold, recently printed pictures to date and put away in albums, and blog posts to write, but first I have to take advantage of my favourite rainy day activity.  I have a cup of tea steeping on my coffeetable, a cookie from the freezer is thawing in the microwave, and I’m going to take a few minutes to sit on the couch and recharge.  There’s just something about a rainy day that reminds me to snuggle up with a kitty or two while the baby naps and enjoy a quite moment!

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