Belly 9 ~ review

Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant at this time.  Just to stop the rumours before they start ;)

Belly 9 is a company that was started by two friends who were looking for cute, funny maternity shirts that would get them through their pregnancies and beyond.  Not finding what they were looking for, they created their own line!

I was intrigued by their claim that you could wear their maternity line from the first trimester through to delivery, so I was happy to review the AU NATURALE tank to see how it fits when there isn’t a baby belly.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tank is quite fitted and comfortable.   I have owned other maternity tops that claimed that you could wear them through all 3 trimesters but they weren’t flattering on a smaller (or in this case, non-existent) baby belly.  The Au Natural tank doesn’t look like a maternity top and is something that I can easily add into my summer wardrobe now without inviting strangers to ask the dreaded “oh, when are you due?” when you’re not, in fact, due at all.

The tank is very long, which is just fine for now and will be greatly appreciated when I do get pregnant with baby #2.  I hated shirts that were too short last time, and with the incredible amount of stretch in this tank I believe it would last me throughout a pregnancy.

Belly 9 has a variety of shirt styles for every mommy-to-be, from announcing the gender of your unborn child to sharing your sense of humour (I Love Epidurals or Buddha Belly, to name a couple), and they even have baby clothing!  If you’re looking for something a little different, and with a sense of humour, you should definitely check out their site.

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