Belle Baby Carrier ~ review

I first posted about Belle Baby Carriers when they were having their Dad’s Day Giveaway last month.   Worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Jessica Alba, Belle Baby Carriers pride themselves on beingstylish and elegant while still being eco-friendly and ergonomic!

For review, I was sent an Organic Earth carrier from their Pure Line.   All of the carriers in the Pure Line are made out of organic cotton and hemp-blend fabrics.   In the case of the Organic Earth carrier, the outside is Romanian hemp canvas, while the soft lining is a fleecy blend of organic cotton and hemp.  None of the materials are dyed on this carrier so it comes in it’s natural colour and texture.

This carrier is good from 8 to 30 pounds and is only to be used on your front; however, baby can face in or out, depending on what you (and baby) prefer.  There is an infant head insert that comes standard with all of the carriers but at one year old, my daughter is well past needing that.  The head support panel easily attaches or detaches, so my biggest problem will be storing in a place that I can remember when our eventual next baby comes along!   The waistband is very generous and would fit a wide range of sizes and the buckles are easy to use.  My husband and I are big fans of babywearing and have used a few different carriers/slings, and ease of use is a huge deal maker or breaker!

Luckily for me, my daughter still enjoys being in a carrier so we have been putting this one to the test on quick errands when lugging out my stroller is either not worth it (ie running into a store for one item) or not practical (ie window shopping at certain boutiques where a stroller will barely make it through the door, forget about down an aisle!).

My daughter is roughly 20 pounds right now, so she is well within the weight limit of the Belle Baby Carrier.  The way the straps cross in the back definitely seems to help with the weight distribution, and I was easily able to get her into the carrier by myself the second time I used it.  I had help from my husband the first time, just to make sure I didn’t drop her while I got used to my new toy!  The carrier is also very light-weight, so neither of us were overheating even though the weather was hot.

I love the option of having Ashlyn face me or face out.  I know lots of infants/toddlers who want to see the whole world and this would be great for their parents!  Strangely, my daughter prefers to face inwards  –  I would have bet the opposite – but even when facing me, she can still easily look around and see everything around her.

Another great thing about the Organic Earth carrier is that it’s very gender neutral, so my husband certainly doesn’t mind taking a turn carrying our girl around.  While I love things that are girly, it’s nice to have a carrier that is equally stylish for Mom or Dad!

The Organic Earth carrier lives in my van now so that I always have it on hand when we’re out and about.  I could smoosh it into our diaper bag fairly easily if needed, but the whole point of a van is the space, right?  I haven’t washed our Belle Baby Carrier yet but it is machine washable, which is very important for a piece of baby gear that could get daily use!

You can find your closest retailer of Belle Baby Carriers on their website, and you can keep up-to-date with them via their page on Facebook and their tweets on Twitter!

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