I used to be interesting

I’d like to apologize for no posts this week, except for the winners. I’ve had major blogger’s block this week – it seems like all I have to talk about anymore is my daughter, and while she’s adorable and brilliant and has just learned how to walk, I’m pretty sure other people would like me to expand my conversation topics just a little bit ;) I swear, I used to watch the news (and TMZ) so at least I could participate in conversations, but now if it’s not about diapers or Handy Manny I’ve got nothing.

Luckily, Canada Post has decided to stop hating me and I’ve got some great reviews and giveaways coming up soon! This weekend my blog will be making the transfer from Blogger to WordPress, so things might be down for a while and will definitely look different while I get the hang of WordPress. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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