LOST finale – are you ready?

Sunday night, an awful lot of people are going to be sitting around their televisions, getting more confused and hopefully more enlightened all at the same time. What am I talking about? The final episode of Lost, of course. I’ve got my snacks ready, wine in the fridge, and the PVR set in case the baby wakes up so I don’t miss a second.

If you ‘re looking for a little refresher, Wired magazine has The Web of Intrigue, which shows all of the connections between every character that has ever been on Lost (seriously, there are people on their that I don’t ever remember seeing before). This is hard core, the scientist who created it used genome-mapping software!

I won’t be turning on the computer or radio or regular television until we’ve seen the entire finale just to avoid getting spoiled. This is one time when I wish we still lived in BC so we could watch it at 6pm instead of 9pm!

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