Johnson & Johnson children’s medicine recall

I’m sure that everyone has already heard about the massive recall of Children’s Tylenol Cough and Runny Nose and Children and Infant’s Motrin on April 30. Of course, I went online immediately to find the recall list, and of course the half-empty bottle in my house was recalled. Awesome. Instead of filling out the reimbursement form here, I took a chance and took the bottle to one of the many Shopper’s Drug Marts near my house, and they took it back and gave me a full refund, no problem.

So if you don’t want to wait who-knows-how-long for Johnson & Johnson to send you a refund (because I’m guessing that they’re going to be very, very busy for a while), try your local pharmacy!

Is anyone else getting totally freaked out about all the recalls lately? Between people claiming that the new Pampers Cruisers are giving their babies chemical burns, this medicine recall, and the baby gear that keeps getting labelled unsafe, I’m starting to wonder if anything is safe!

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