Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:

Fuzzi Bunz One Size. These are different from the other one size diapers that I have, because instead of adjusting the size by snapping down the front, Fuzzi Bunz are adjusted through changing the settings of the elastics in both legs and at the waist. It comes with 2 different sized inserts that can be used alone or together. Below is Ashlyn modeling at 11 months old and around 21 pounds.


What I like:

  • very trim because of the adjustable elastic (ie there is no added bulk because they don’t snap down in the front)
  • very absorbant inserts – I’ve never had to double them up
  • both bright and pastel colours to choose from
  • the diaper comes with a replacement set of elastics

Not a fan:

  • figuring out how to adjust the elastics can be a little finnicky at first
  • the only print available is daisy, which is not great for moms of boys (or moms like me who have a girl but don’t only want girly diapers in case the next baby is a boy)

Overall opinion:

I really like Fuzzi Bunz and would buy more in a heartbeat. They aren’t much bulkier than a disposable and are very easy to use once you get the hang of changing the elastic settings. This is one of my more recent purchases (in the last few months) so while my stash has enough in it to get me by for a couple of days, if I can convince my husband that we need more, more Fuzzi Bunz will be on the list!

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