Crafty stuff ~ DIY custom light

We were really happy to find a house when we were looking that was move-in ready. The only things we wanted to change was the paint colour in the master bedroom and our daughter’s room, and all of the lighting upstairs. Ugly lights make me crazy!

We had brought a couple of chandeliers from our old house (with the permission of the new owner), and we found some perfectly good, inexpensive lighting for our hallway from Ikea but finding a nice overhead light fixture for our daughter’s room took us longer than we thought it would. The lights that we saw were either too juvenile for our taste, didn’t go with her room at all, or were $300+ which was nowhere near our budget. We were stumped.

Luckily, my husband heard an ad for the Electrical and Plumbing Store and we went to check out the Nepean store. We found a beautiful clear light with little air bubbles in the glass, perfect for a nursery with an “under the sea” theme, but still classic enough to grow with her (or whoever buys our house next time we move). Then my husband had a brilliant idea – and it kills me that I didn’t think of it first! – add coloured glass beads to it for a stained glass effect. We bought 2 packs of light blue, one pack of clear, and one pack of yellow (only used half of the bag) at a craft store, he added them to the dome before putting it up and voila!


It looks gorgeous and we love it! So does our daughter, every time I turn on her light she reaches for it and smiles. This could work in a variety of rooms, and the best part is that it’s easy to change whenever you change the room!

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