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Bum Genius 3.0 Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:Bum Genius 3.0. This is the only cloth diaper that I own that has Velcro instead of snaps. It comes with a standard insert and a newborn insert that can be used alone when you have the diaper on the smallest setting, or as a doubler (ie extra stuffing/absorbancy) if you have a heavy wetter or for overnights. My little girl at 3.5 months old and about 13 pounds modelling her BumGenius. What I like:the microfiber inserts are great, I’ve never had to double it upthe Velcro does make it easy Read more […]

Spring Trend ~ Stud Earrings

According to the April issue of InStyle magazine, bold stud earrings are “so right now”. This excites me to no end, since my daughter is at the “oh, shiney, let me rip those pretty earrings right out of your ears” phase of things. Of course I went to Etsy to look around, and my credit card is in serious danger right now!From Lana0Crystal:From Artesserae From Thalassa JewelryFrom CameraSHYphotographyAnd something a little more offbeat, from f1nneran: Read more […]

AMP Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:AMP One Sized Duo. The “duo” means that you can put the liner inside the pocket, or lie it on top. If you lie it on top, then you can just switch out the liners and reuse the cover until it gets dirty. I’ve only used it with the liners inside the pocket. Below is my cutie modelling it when she was around 7 months old (so, 18ish pounds).What I like:great microfiber liner – it’s never leaked and it’s quite absorbantthe pocket opening is in the front of the diaper which is good for poopy Read more […]

My Cloth Diaper Biases

I figured I might as well do a quick post on my general feelings about cloth diapers before I post my first review. There are two major decisions you’ll have to make before you make your first cloth diaper purchase: snaps or Velcro and one-size or sized diapers.Snaps vs VelcroI prefer snaps. Lots of other people prefer Velcro. It’s going to be something you have to figure out for yourself, unfortunately. It’s easier to explain why I don’t like Velcro:the tabs can get ratty looking really quicklyif Read more […]

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