My (cloth diaper) Stash

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t know much about cloth diapers, except that I wasn’t going to use them. What a hassle – the washing, the stuffing, the pins…not to mention the poop. Ick.

Then I got pregnant and I started looking into cloth diapers on a slow day at work. It turns out, they don’t need pins. They’re not that hard to wash. And wow, are they cute! I wasn’t convinced but I was swayed. My husband and I decided to use a cloth diaper service and I was excited to get our first delivery of diapers. After a couple of months of the service, we decided to go purchase our own stash. It was more cost effective that way, plus then I could get the really fun prints. Yes, I’m admitting that my primary motivation for using cloth diapers is not to save the environment, but is purely aesthetics.

Currently in our stash (all are one-size pocket with snaps):

  1. 2 Flips
  2. 1 Bum Genius 3.0 – this is the only one I own with Velcro
  3. 6 Blueberry/SwaddleBees
  4. 2 Happy Heinys
  5. 1 AMP
  6. 1 Fuzzi Bunz


We also have 6 all-in-one LooRoos in medium, which have been packed away because our girl is too big for them.

I’m going to do some posts in the next couple of weeks describing each of these brands and what I like and what I don’t. None of this is being sponsored by any company – I just want to share some knowledge I’ve gained in my 11 months of being a cloth-diapering mommy. Hopefully it will help some of you; worst case, you’ll come back for the pictures of my little girl in her cute cloth diapers!

PS – the poop issue is still gross, no way around it, but it’s amazing what you can handle when it’s your own baby!

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  1. Rudolph Lieder
    September 8, 2011 at 7:12 PM (6 years ago)

    how do you change your Blogger background into a picture?


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