LooRoos Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:

LooRoos All-In-One in size Medium (12-22 pounds). I actually won these from Natural Mommie right around this time last year – I asked (and was allowed) to postpone picking my colours until Ashlyn was born because I wanted to know if I could order any pink diapers or not. An all-in-one is the easiest type of cloth diaper to use; you just put it on like you would a disposable. Nothing to stuff, no extra covers. For some reason, I hardly have any pictures of my daughter in her LooRoos even though she wore them all the time for a few months, until the rise got to be too small and I had to retire them. This is the best that I have! She’s 12.5 weeks old here and roughly 12 pounds.


What I like:

  • As I said above, cloth diapers don’t get any easier than an all-in-one. Not having to stuff a diaper is so nice!
  • The colours are very vibrant and fun. They also have some really cute prints!
  • I did not have any leaking problems with these at all.
  • You can order doublers that attach via snaps at the back. These are great for naptime or for heavy wetters.

Not a fan:

  • All-in-ones take roughly forever to dry fully. I would have to hang them out all day AND throw them in the dryer, or run them through two dryer cycles to get them dry.
  • I prefer non-sized diapers because it’s so hard to tell what the “right” size to buy will be. I have a friend who bought an entire stash of medium diapers (of a different brand) and her little girl wore them from the time she was a few months old until potty training. My little chunkamunk outgrew these way before the weight limit, so I’m sad that I didn’t get to use them for as long as I had thought that I would. Not the fault of the diaper, of course.

Overall opinion:

I had no problems with the LooRoos while we used them, and they were great diapers to start our cloth diapering life with because they were so easy. I’d definitely be interested in trying their pocket diapers because those would dry so much faster, which was the primary downside to these for me. I wish that LooRoos would expand their line to include a one-size diaper!

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