Label Daddy Photo Stickers ~ Review

I’m an organizer. Spreadsheets and colour coding make me happy. So I was thrilled when Label Daddy agreed to let me do a review of one of their products – cute, personalized labels? Sign me up! The hard part was deciding on the product. They’ve got labels for everything from shoes to luggage to mail, but while I was tempted by those as soon as I saw that they had photo stickers I had to have them.

Ordering the stickers was easy! You just have to upload a picture and Label Daddy makes sure that your child’s face is centered perfectly. The stickers come 4 to a sheet, with 5 sheets in total, and they are packaged in a small plastic bag to ensure they aren’t damaged in transit.

I love to scrapbook, so immediately I wanted to use the stickers on something crafty and since my daughter’s first birthday is just around the corner, I decided to use them as a seal for her party invitations. Since the stickers are printed on a material that is safe for the microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer and it’s UV resistant, I’m not worried about them being ruined in the mail.

Of course, you could use them for what they are intended for: identifying your belongings. Since everyone seems to have the same sippy cup preference that we do, I’ve been worried in the past about mixing up our sippy cup with someone else’s at play group. Now that her sippy has her picture on it, it will be easy to make sure that my little girl is drinking from the right cup! And while she’s years away from reading on her own, she’s quite familiar with the “cute baby that follows us around” (aka her reflection) so these will be a great way to teach her how to keep track of her own belongings as she grows! I haven’t had a chance to put the cup through the dishwasher yet to test it myself – we don’t have a dishwasher here but we will in our new house – but that cup has been handwashed at least a half dozen times and the sticker is still perfectly stuck on!

Label Daddy is also officially licenced with Disney, so you can have your (or your child’s) favourite character on your labels! Another bonus: shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 to the USA and Canada. Interested in ordering some photo stickers or labels of your own? Use the code “SUMMERFUN” at the checkout and you’ll save 20% off of your entire order!

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