Happy Heinys Cloth Diapers ~ my personal review

The Diaper:
Happy Heinys One Size. These diapers are a little different from the other one-size diapers that I have because they have 4 different size settings, instead of the more common 3 sizes. Ashlyn is just about nine months old here and around 20 pounds, and she’s on the highest set of snaps.


What I like:

  • the prints are adorable! Seriously, I bought these purely because of the “Silly Monkey” pattern.
  • The side tabs are way longer than any other diaper I’ve tried, and they are made to overlap, so there is a huge range of waist sizes that will fit.

Not a fan:

  • the inserts are not absorbant. I have to double stuff at all times to avoid leaking. In fact, I use an AMP hemp insert for one of them. I’m quite tempted to buy some Blueberry inserts to use instead of the ones that come with the Happy Heinys.
  • The need to double stuff makes them very bulky, especially on smaller size settings. They’d be fairly trim otherwise.
  • The longer side tabs can cause “wings”, where the underpart goes above or below the diaper. It doesn’t seem to cause any leaks but it doesn’t look great.

Overall opinion:

I love the pattern but hate the bulk. I really wanted to love these because they are so cute, but I don’t. I don’t warn people away from them, and I’m not sorry I bought them, but I won’t be adding any more to our stash.

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