Etsy Week Winner Annoucement Update

Terribly confusing title, isn’t it? Keep entering all of the giveaways for Etsy week – the first giveaway ends Monday night!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the winners for Orglamix, Little Jumping Beans, and TippyToesKnits will not be drawn and posted until THURSDAY, MARCH 25. The giveaways will still close on their posted dates and times, and any entries submitted after 8pm PST on those dates will be deleted and ineligible.

I’m very sorry that there will be a delay, but my grandfather passed away yesterday at the age of 88 and so I’ll be flying across the country to attend his funeral and spend some much needed time with the rest of my extended family. I won’t be checking my email or posting as I want to focus on my loved ones, as I’m sure you all understand. I’ll be back at it and picking winners as soon as my coffee is made on Thursday – thank you for your understanding!

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