Kodak – “What do pictures mean to you?”

I’m a fan of Kodak on Facebook, thanks to a couple of giveaway blogs that I read. A couple of weeks ago, they posted a message on their wall asking people to email them with a bit of information about themselves and what pictures mean to you. I thought it sounded interesting, so I sent an email to them explaining how pictures help us keep in touch and connected with our friends and family that are spread around Canada – I take pictures of everything; the weather, our house, our cats and of course, our daughter. My almost 9-month-old stops what she’s doing when she sees a camera and smiles now, so maybe I take too many!

Kodak got back to me and now I’m doing a week-long project for them. Basically, they’ve sent me an EasyShare digital camera, and for one week I take pictures (not a problem in our household) and answer some questions. At the end of the week, I return the memory card and keep the camera :) It’s going to be a lot of fun!

This is a quick shot I took last night of my little cutie with my new camera. Thank goodness she’s such a willing subject….for now!

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