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Not much in the way of giveaways today (Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous has a cute Bumkins diaper bag up for grabs but I already have 4 diaper bags so I don’t really need another….do I?) so I thought I’d do a real post.

I’ve been thinking about friends a lot lately, since my husband’s job has already moved us to two provinces and will soon move us to a third. Making new friends seems to get a lot harder as I get older – it was so easy when I was in school/working and saw the same people every day, but now that I’m at home with a baby it’s more of a challenge. I should be pretty lonely, all things considered, except for the wonders of technology!

I can email/Skype with my parents to keep in touch, Facebook my old friends (I’ve reconnected with some girls that I was friends with in elementary school that I hope to actually meet up again with when we move to Ontario), and most of my new friends have been made through forums that I’ve joined.

A few years ago, I would have thought “wow, she talks to strangers online? LOSER!”, but I stumbled on a couple of forums when I got engaged 3.5 years ago and I joined them thinking I’d read a bit and get some ideas for my upcoming wedding….having no idea how hooked I’d get! Then I thought I’d stop once I got married, but I’d made some really good friends, girls I talk to daily to this day, and I just couldn’t leave!

When my husband and I started talking about starting a family, I moved to the baby sections of those boards, and I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful it is to know that there are places that I can go to see how “normal” my life really is, even on the hardest mommy days. I still talk to my non-internet friends as much as possible, but when you’re in a different time zone than they are, it’s great to have a place that you can go to at any time of the day or night and feel like you’ve got a connection. I love my “crazy internet friends” – in fact, we’re meeting up with few of them for lunch today!

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