Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe, but 2010 is here! I hope that everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve, we didn’t even make it until midnight but that’s ok. Those of you with little ones understand that a late night isn’t always worth it if you aren’t sure the baby will sleep in!

2009 just flew by for us, with moving to a new province, a new job for my husband and a new baby and I have no doubt that somehow, 2010 is going to go even faster – my husband will be getting another transfer in a few months, which means another big move, but this one is closer to family so that makes it extra exciting!

I’m not a big resolution-maker, but for the month of January I’m resolving to blog every.single.day. I really want to make this successful and that means keeping at it :) Check back tomorrow morning for some giveaway links, there’s lots of fun stuff out there to win!

If I can get the baby to go to bed (she’s working on tooth #5 and bedtime has been a gong show the last few nights, but once she’s down it’s good), we’re going to watch Inglorious Basterds – I love me some Brad Pitt :)

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