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Giveaways (big catch-up post)

The good thing is that my little girl FINALLY got her second tooth on Friday, so we’re getting a teeny tiny break in the fun times of teething. The bad thing is that she’s just perfected rolling as a means of transportation, so blogging is hard! I need to make time for it, and for myself, but that’s a whole other post!Fun giveaways from my 2 favourite bloggie mommies :)From Natural Mommie: Win a pair of mitts, a hat and a scarf for the little one in your life from Mimitens (ends Dec 4)Win a $75 Gift Read more […]

On (and off) the fitness bandwagon

Like many new(ish) mommies, I don’t look quite the same as I did pre-baby. I know I have a good reason – I did grow a person, after all! – but that doesn’t make not fitting into my old clothes feel any better, you know?My baby is 6 months old now, so I’m attempting (half-heartedly) to get back into some shape that isn’t round or squishy. Turns out, it’s much harder to exercise when you have an infant demanding your attention! Long gone are the days of leisurely warming up, then jumping on the Read more […]

A slacker’s apology, and a couple of giveaways

I’m really slacking at updating this blog – I promise to do better soon! It looks like my daughter may finally cut her second tooth this week, so I’m hoping that she’ll return to the happy, fun baby she usually is instead of this cranky, fussy, not-sleeping creature she’s turned into!Other than that, we’re doing the usual “wishing and waiting” that comes along with my husband’s job….wishing we knew exactly what was going on and waiting for the official documents that allow us to plan our next step Read more […]


I hope everyone took a moment yesterday to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and those who are still protecting it and us every day. My husband went to a Remembrance Day ceremony yesterday, in his serge, but the baby and I stayed home as it was right around her nap time and I didn’t want her crying through the moment of silence!Lots of fun, non-baby giveaways today (plus a couple for the kidlets)!From Natural Mommie : Win an Organic Reversable Children’s Hoodie Read more […]

What to say?

I’m still really new to this whole blogging thing, and I’m trying to figure out what my “voice” should be. I love reading other Mommy-blogs, and entering to win free stuff – because really, who doesn’t love free? – and eventually, I’d love to be able to do my own reviews and giveaways, but for that to happen, I need readers. And to get readers, I need something for them to read. So, what do people want to read, anyways?I could go on and on about fun stuff like cloth diapers (yup, we use them and Read more […]

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