It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

..because instead of just getting junk mail and bills, we’re getting Christmas cards and presents! We live far away from our family and friends, which can add some additional stress to the holiday – have to factor in shipping time and costs when you’re shopping! – but it’s also so nice to see the mailman arrive with fun mail instead of the usual assortment of flyers, takeout menus and bills.

This is our first Christmas in BC, so it’s very strange to have gone from Northern Alberta and snow before Halloween to a green Christmas and rain. Still, it makes going out a lot easier since the baby only needs a wool coat and a hat, not a full-on snowsuit. Next year we should be back in Ontario in the spring and we’re really looking forward to it. After 5 years of just the two (now three) of us, it’s going to be chaos at the holidays and we can’t wait!

Check back later today for a roundup of some great giveaways!

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