It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas….

We’ve had a busy few days in our household. We decided to enter the madness of post-American Thanksgiving shopping, so we drove down to Tulalip WA (just outside of Seattle) on Thursday night so we could start our Black Friday shopping fairly early.

We got to the first outlet mall by 8am….and it wasn’t busy! We went through the entire outlet mall, got all of the Christmas presents on our list plus a few items that weren’t (some Starbucks and a cast iron skillet from La Crueset as a present for us) and were ready to go in under 2 hours. It was the polar opposite of what we were expecting – we managed to go to a second outlet mall, a Target and Sonic for lunch and we were STILL at the border by 3pm! Unfortunetely, we managed to hit Vancouver right at rush hour, so the longest wait was when we were only supposed to be 15 minutes from home.

Saturday was the start of my Christmas decorating! I love Christmas every year, but since this is our daughter’s first Christmas, I’m uber-excited. I started with the hardest part, the tree. We have a fake tree (and a nice pine-scented candle on the mantle for ambience) so we had to get out the box, set up the tree, fluff the branches, get the star on the top, put the lights on, and then I started with the decorations. Our tree is right by our front door, so you can see all 360 degrees – nowhere can be left empty. Plus, we have one very….persistant….cat, who keeps trying to knock down ornaments and eat the tree, even though it’s not real. He’s cute, but not the brains of the operation, that’s for sure!

I think our tree turned out quite nicely :) The hanging on the wall was made by my good friend Joleen – I wish I had her sewing skills!


Sunday was a baking day. Since my husband had the weekend off, he was on full baby duty (and loving it) while I took care of all the Christmas prep. I managed to make batches of shortbreads – delicious, but for some reason they kept breaking this year, molasses-spice rounds (pictured unbaked), and snickerdoodles.



I still have 3 or 4 more varieties that I plan to make, plus nuts & bolts – a family tradition, it’s not Christmas without them – but luckily for my waistline, I send lots to family and friends along with their Christmas gifts. It’s hard to believe that it’s already December, but I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit!

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