December 4th 2009 archive

Nuts & Bolts

As promised, here’s my Nana’s nuts & bolts recipe. My mom modified it (she cut the butter and oil in HALF), but it’s not exactly “low cal”. However, I firmly believe that holiday treats don’t count, especially if you eat them in the company of family and/or friends. I’ve included some “helpful” pictures – if you look closely, you can see my Jolly Jumping baby in the first one.Ingredients:1 box each Cheerios, Shreddies and Crispix (also called Crispix Krispies now)1 package each pretzels, peanuts Read more […]

Time flies…

..when you’re having fun, or chasing after a baby who can somehow roll all over the house without being seen, while you attempt to get ready for Christmas! My cookies are mostly baked, my presents are mostly bought, my cards are in the box I picked them up in (apparently, left to their own devices, they will NOT write themselves, nor put themselves into envelopes…it’s a real shame). So I’m sort of running at about 70% successful, I guess. I’m hoping to get a LOT done this weekend, even though Read more […]