Me time?

I’ve been thinking about the concept of “me time” a lot lately. While it goes without saying that I adore my 6.5 month old daughter, being her primary caregiver 24/7 with no breaks is starting to wear on me a bit. Unfortunately, due to my husband’s career, we currently live in a province with no immediate family and no close friends to give us a break. Let me tell you, I’m feeling pretty badly about not offering to babysit for our friends at our last posting! I had no idea how much an hour or two would have been appreciated. I’m banking that insight for the future, that’s for sure.

In between the nursing, the entertaining, the changing of diapers and clothes, the cleaning, occasionally even cooking, there never seems to be enough time in the day to squeeze in any “me” time. I dream of a baby that naps longer and more consistantly, so that I can get more scrapbooking and reading and *gasp* even exercising in. My parents will be visiting in January, so we should have the opportunity to have a date then and we can’t wait! It hurts to hear people say that I’m on mat leave so I must be spending all day on Facebook/checking my emails/etc and must have soooo much free time – I think many a mommy would disagree with that line of thinking.

Mommies, what do you do when you need to recharge and you don’t necessarily have a babysitter available? Girls, how do you re-energize when time and money are tight? I need ideas besides the old “bubble bath and a glass of wine” standby…not that I don’t love that!

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