Gazillion Giant Bubbles (#giveaway)

Bubbles have been a constant summer activity since my oldest was just a baby. There is something so joyful about watching children play with bubbles, whether they are chasing and popping them or finally learning to blow them without getting a mouthful of bubble solution! Less fun is getting light-headed because the cry of "more bubbles Mama!" never ends. My daughters are now 8 and 6 and they're ready for a ton of bubbly fun this summer thanks to Gazillion Giant Bubbles by Funrise. We were sent Read more [...]

OYO Sports lets you have the playoffs any time you want

It's playoff season in some sport at all times, isn't it? Right now, we're cheering on the Ottawa Senators as they try to win the NHL Eastern Conference finals to advance to the Stanley Cup. I will fully admit to be a 'playoff fan' - I generally only watch hockey on TV once the Stanley Cup comes into play. OYO SportsToys is the only product on the market that combines sports and the love for building blocks together! Fans can collect, build and play with teams and players across the MLB, NHL, NFL, Read more [...]

Balancing, juggling, making it work (Year of Tim Gunn check in)

When I picked Tim Gunn's phrase "Make it work" as my 2017 mantra, I had no idea how apt it would be! Since completing my Library and Information Technician diploma in January (and finally receiving it in March), I have been fortunate to have picked up quite a bit of work through the two school boards that I am working for. In fact, I have had full-time hours for all of April and May is looking to be the same; June is filling up quickly and then it's the summer break! While I am used to being busy, Read more [...]

Hair is cuter with a bow from Eaby Chic (#giveaway)

Believe me when I say that the hair struggle is real in this house. I'm a big fan of sending the girls to school with their hair tied back, but there are always little bits that don't want to cooperate, and between clips sliding around and headbands pinching behind ears, the end of day hair is usually a wreck. I came across Eaby Chic thanks to my friend Amy in 613 and was so happy when Jennifer sent me a variety of her sweet bows to try out! For my daughters, we received a KARMA ELLA in Read more [...]

Don’t forget that LUSH is for your hair too!

Surprise package from @lush is a great start to the day! Looking forward to trying the #becrueltyfree shampoo bar that smells like cinnamon #surprise #lushcanada #lushcosmetics #hair #haircare #ottawa #613 #yow #blogger A post shared by Stacey Arthur (@notjstbabybrain) on Mar 10, 2017 at 8:07am PST I was pleasantly surprised to get an unexpected package from Lush last week, and even more so to open it and find hair care products! I used to use their hair care back in university Read more [...]

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